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America concentrates 45% of Covid-19 infections in the world compared to Europe, which accumulates more than 46%. USA It is the red light of the continent and its death toll already exceeds Spain and is close to Italy. Until this Friday, more than 16,000 people have died in the country and the number increases at a rate close to 2,000 every 24 hours. The Latin American epicenter is in Brazil, which already borders almost a thousand dead.

  • The world reached 100,000 dead this Friday, but Johns Hopkins University predicts much worse figures due to the lack of transparency in China or common diagnoses.
  • USA USA exceeds 16,000 dead, but reduces its estimate of pandemic deaths to 60,000
  • A mass grave in New York to receive 25 bodies a day
  • Mexico talks to Trump and Xi Jinping and asks for help to buy medical supplies. Until Friday, 194 deaths and 3,441 cases of infection are registered.
  • Brazil begins a desperate race to acquire medical supplies before the arrival of the peak of the pandemic. The country borders the 1,000 dead.

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