Coronavirus: The world needs to learn from the Ebola fight

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, that made background as Africa’s initial chosen women head of state, led Liberia for 12 years consisting of throughout the 2014-16 Ebola break out that eliminated virtually 5,000 individuals in her nation.

The BBC asked the Nobel Peace Laureate for her representations on the present coronavirus situation.

Dear fellow-countrymans of the world

On 19 October 2014, at the elevation of the dangerous Ebola break out in West Africa, when 2,000 of my residents had actually currently died as well as infections were expanding significantly, I created a letter to the world advocating the mobilisation of employees as well as sources.

I required a program of international unity to avoid what we was afraid would certainly be a world- broad pandemic.

Today, I take this possibility today to increase my voice in a message of uniformity.

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Ebola in West Africa


  • 4,810 individuals passed away in Liberia

  • 3,956 individuals passed away in Sierra Leone

  • 2,544 individuals passed away in Guinea

Source: CDC

Almost 6 years back, I described exactly how Liberia’s post-conflict economic climate, as well as its vulnerable health care system, made it susceptible to the quick spread of illness, as well as I competed that exactly how the world reacted to the localized situation in West Africa, would certainly specify our cumulative health care protection.

I suggested that an unrestrained virus, regardless of where in the world, as well as regardless of exactly how localized, is a hazard to every one of humankind.

The world reacted favorably. And did so strongly.

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President Sirleaf, seen below at the White House in 2015, collaborated with the leaders of adjoining nations Sierra Leone (L) as well as Guinea (R) in addition to the United States to lossEbola

A mass mobilization of sources led by the UN, the World Health Organization, as well as the United States adhered to. We beat it with each other. As an outcome, today there work speculative injections as well as antivirals many thanks to the partnership of the finest clinical minds around theworld

In the face of the coronavirus break out, I am making a comparable appeal to my other world residents. I do this with a severe recognition that while African countries have actually up until now been saved the worst, it is just an issue of time up until it batters the continent which is the the very least ready to fight it.

We needs to act to reduce, break the chain of transmission, as well as squash the contour.

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The lessons Liberia discovered from the Ebola situation can be used to the spread of coronavirus.

It is clear that gaps were made in the first action to the infection, from Asia to Europe, to theAmericas

Cues were missed out on. Time was thrown away.

Information was concealed, reduced, as well as controlled. Trust was damaged.

‘ I made the very same blunders’

Fear drove individuals to run, to conceal, to stockpile to safeguard their very own, when the just option is, as well as stays based in the neighborhood.

I recognize this. I made every one of those bad moves in 2014, therefore did the world’s -responders. But we self-corrected, as well as we did it with each other.

We go to an essential point as boundaries are surrounding the world to slow-moving the rate-of transmission.

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Every individual, in every country, needs to do their component. This realisation led to our transforming factor of illness control in West Africa”

Let us not take the incorrect sign from this. It does not indicate that we get on our very own, every nation on their own. On the contrary, it is the indicator of a common action, that surround closures make a distinction.

Watching from my residence in Monrovia, what most motivates today, is the opening of experience as well as the truth that expertise, clinical exploration, devices, medications as well as employees are being shared.

It is occurring within countries, as well as progressively throughout global boundaries; an important, albeit postponed response, that everyone, in every country, needs to do their component.

‘We arised resistant’

This realisation led to our transforming factor of illness control in West Africa.

In Liberia, we arised resistant from the Ebola epidemic, as well as more powerful as a culture, with wellness procedures in position that are allowing us to take care of the Covid-19 illness.

I busily think this is the course we are all on.

I have complete confidence in the ruthless spirit of the person, a sentence that leaders arise in times of situation at every degree of culture, which our spiritual as well as common distinctions fade in contrast to our cumulative idea in the power of petition, as well as our particular confidence in God.

As most of us hunch down in the following couple of weeks, I wish the wellness as well as wellness of our international residents, as well as I ask that everybody keep in mind that our humankind currently counts on the crucial reality that a life well-lived is a life in the solution to others.

You can listen to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf reviewed out her letter on Focus on Africa on the BBC World Service on Monday 30 March from 15: 00 GMT.

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