Coronavirus: Why Ghana has gone into mourning after mass funeral ban

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Funerals in Ghana are popular to be intricate events with specifically made caskets.

In our collection of letters from African authors, reporter as well as previous Ghana federal government preacher Elizabeth Ohene covers the remarkable influence coronavirus is carrying life in her nation as well as past.

If any person had any type of question around simply exactly how severe the Covid-19 break out is, we currently have evidence favorable, we remain in the middle of a significant dilemma.

This is a situation not gauged yet by the amount of individuals have actually been taken ill, or remain in medical facility or have actually passed away.

Here in Ghana, there are some points that are spiritual in our lives as well as no one touches them under any type of scenario: faith, handshakes as well as funeral services.

These are topics that are not up for conversation as well as many individuals think they specify our extremely presence.

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Many individuals’ lives focus on faith as well as the routine petition sessions.

For weeks, federal government as well as wellness authorities below have actually been advising everyone to enhance individual health as well as prevent groups.

Many individuals chosen to assume that the coronavirus would certainly deficient into below-Saharan Africa as well as consequently they thought the cautions by the wellness professionals might be overlooked.

‘Only adversaries reject to drink hands’

Whoever become aware of a Ghanaian, certainly, an African welcoming one more individual as well as not drinking hands?

To reject or disregard to drink hands with a person suggests that individual is an adversary. Now we can not drink hands with any person, pal or enemy.

President Nana Akufo-Addo established the tone for the brand-new guidelines at the events of Ghana’s 63 rd self-reliance wedding anniversary on 6 March, when he ostentatiously maintained both his hands resolutely behind his when he reached the event to welcome those seated on the dais.

And as though the restriction on handshaking was not terrible sufficient, a ban has been placed on the holding of funeral services. The main news claims there can be personal funerals, yet no mass events of mourners.


There is no such point as a personal funeral in our reasoning as well as funeral services are significant, remarkable as well as routine events”.

I am unsure I can communicate the outrageousness of this on the Ghanaian subconscious.

There is no such point as a personal funeral in our reasoning as well as funeral services are significant, remarkable as well as routine events.

Our lives focus on funeral services.

The providing sector counts on funeral services to endure, the fabric sector requires orders for funeral towels to remain in service, the dressmakers as well as tailors are active mainly since they make garments for funeral services; choral teams, occasions organisers, transport as well as makers as well as vendors of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages would certainly vanish without funeral services.

But there will certainly disappear funeral services.

Come to consider it, what with the hand drinking ban, it’s possibly equally as well that a ban has been put on funeral services.

We can not have funeral services as well as not drink hands, the whole funeral event includes drinking hands, drinking hands as well as drinking hands.

The ban on spiritual events below, as well as in some nations in other places on the continent, is having a large influence on individuals for whom common petition as well as the technique of the spiritual schedule are main to their lives.

But there is silence in the mosques as well as in the churches below in Ghana.

When the news was initially made by the head of state, the Christian leaders were shocked as well as the charming churches particularly remained in overall shock.

Miracle petitions

It was unimaginable that anything or any person might shut worship. The all-night solutions, the wonder solutions, the anointing solutions have actually taken control of all our lives.

Some had actually wished that the guarantee of wonder petitions to conserve Ghana from the scourge of coronavirus would certainly persuade the head of state to maintain the churches as well as mosques open, yet he was stagnated to alter his mind.

And they will certainly remain shut throughout Easter, one of the most spiritual event on the Christian schedule.

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For some it is tough to envision life without spiritual solutions.

The order to shut the churches is becoming one of the most hard one for individuals to follow.

The mainstream churches are abiding as well as lots of are providing on-line solutions, that include stipulations for offertory to be made with mobile cash contributions.

But several of the charming churches appear to assume they are enabled to flout the order not to hold worship by asserting they are providing unique petitions versus Covid-19

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Going to church several times a week is typical for many individuals as well as the information is generally packed with the shenanigans of several of the supposed guys of God.

The head of state asked the country to quick as well as hope on Wednesday today as well as doubtless, some individuals would certainly have had trouble approving that they might quick as well as hope on their own in your home without mosting likely to church.

From below, we acutely comply with all the information regarding exactly how the remainder of the continent is finishing with the duty of faith in the march of the fatal coronavirus.

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Coronavirus is an evil one, it can not stay in the body of Christ, it will certainly melt quickly. This is a time to construct our belief”

I believe that the technique of Tanzanian President John Magufuli would certainly be pointed out by some individuals below as worth adhering to.

He has outlawed public events as well as shut institutions as we have, yet he stated he did not ban church or mosque prayer since these were locations where “true healing” occurred.

“Coronavirus is a devil, it can not live in the body of Christ, it will burn instantly. This is a time to build our faith,” President Magufuli, that has a PhD in chemistry as well as is a sincere Catholic, stated at a worship last Sunday.

President Akufo-Addo has advised us to look for the face of God as well as wish Ghana yet he is adhering to the scientific research as well as stressing the cleaning of hands, social distancing as well as the churches as well as mosques stay shut.

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The Zion Christian Church’s Easter event typically draws in thousands of countless worshippers.

It is currently getting across many individuals that we remain in fatal undiscovered area when the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), possibly the greatest church in southerly Africa, introduced it had actually delayed all events including their Easter solution.

This solution typically attracts numerous explorers, that gather together at the foothills of the Moria Mountain in Limpopo throughout the Easter weekend break, as well as there undoubtedly can not be a much more remarkable phenomenon.

Never, in the background of the ZCC, because its beginning in 1910, has the church delayed or terminated its expedition.

We can not drink hands, we can not have funeral services, we can not most likely to prayer at the mosque or the church, the ZCC has delayed its Easter expedition; we remain in the middle of an emergency situation alright.

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