Da Costa defends ‘radio rage’ messages over teammate Vergne

Da Costa directly lost out on triumph in the Chilean funding, shedding the cause victor Maximilian Guenther with 3 edges to follow a vital battery temperature level concern. He had actually been postponed previously in the race behind ruling champ Vergne, that was compelled to pit and afterwards retire after a fairing had actually gone down on his front-left wheel.

When Vergne attempted to rip off the angering post by touching a wall surface, he was close to ramming his team-mate. Da Costa claimed over group radio: “Man, JEV, this is not exactly how a manufacturing facility vehicle driver functions. You recognize?

“His vehicle is smoking like f * ck. He’s stagnating off the beaten track.”

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After his group responded with “we are on it, we are on it” as they tried to solve the circumstance, da Costa included: “No you’re not! He’s closing the f*cking door. F*cking idiot… We can win this f*cking race.”

Da Costa eventually ended up second in just his 3rd getaway with DS Techeetah.

Vergne and also da Costa are friends off track and also went snowboarding in France with each other after the race. Speaking in advance of the Mexico City E-Prix, da Costa claimed there were no unwell sensations bring over in between the duo.

“There’s no stress, no drama,” he informedMotorsport com. “We’re all lions attempting to win. It’s our enthusiasm which’s why we press so hard. There was simply a couple of interactions up and down yet it’s a brand-new group for me, I’m brand-new right here, it’s a brand-new staff.

“Every day [you are] simply obtaining even more familiarized with every little thing and also it’s all excellent.”

When inquired about his partnership with Vergne moving forward, da Costa responded: “It’s all excellent.

“As long as you have regard, after that it’s never ever mosting likely to be a trouble. We had that misconception at the Santiago race, yet 2 days later on we were snowboarding for a weekend break inFrance No tension.”

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