Dan Bongino Slams Democrat Mayors Blaming Trump And Coronavirus For July 4th Violence

On Tuesday, conservative pundit Dan Bongino blasted Democrat mayors’ attempts to blame violence over the Fourth of July weekend on COVID-19 and President Trump as “grotesque and pathetic.”

The former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent called out Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

Bongino lights up Democrat mayors Lightfoot and de Blasio

Both Democrat-led cities saw the amount of violent crime go up notably during the holiday weekend. 87 people shot and 17 killed from July 2 to July 5, in line with the Chicago Police Department, in addition to at least 44 shooting incidents and 10 dead in New York City.

“I heard Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago also trying to pin this on Donald Trump somehow,” Bongino said. “How this was Donald Trump.”

“And again, it was racist, of course, he continued. “Everything is racist. God forbid you call out the fact that young black children are being shot in the head…that you call that out.”

Lightfoot recently taken care of immediately a letter from Trump that criticized her leadership by concentrating on other problems, like healthcare, affordable housing, and the President’s supposed “demonizing” of the LGBT community.

“I will always honor the Office of the President, but please do not ask me to honor this occupant because I do not,” Lightfoot said.

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‘I’m trying to get your body count for New York this weekend… This just isn’t hyperbole’

“Let me just say something here,” Bongino said. “So, yesterday evening I was going on Sean Hannity’s show. And, right before I was on the show [I was] performing a bit of homework and I’m scrolling through social media.”

“I’m trying to get the body count for New York this weekend,” he continued. “This is not hyperbole. I’m not exaggerating because I want to be precise.”

“And, as I’m on the air — right [as I am] going to go on, I see one more thing at The Daily Caller about another 14-year-old who was shot,” that he continued.

“And, I thought to myself, ‘You know, this is insane.’” Bongino observed. “Like, that’s not a rounding error. Like, if you go on and say, ‘Well, 44 people were shot. It’s actually 45.’ That’s not a rounding error.”

Bongino thundered, “That’s a human being who was killed and that’s how we have to talk about on television now what’s going on in the cities run by these two epic failures of mayors: Mayor Lightfoot and Mayor De Blasio.”

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Bongino: ‘It’s not President Trump that did this’

“That if you don’t go on and check your Twitter feed before you come on there may be someone else dead you may have missed?” Bongino said. “These aren’t rounding errors. These are people. These are people’s kids.”

“So again, for all the liberals listening, it may be a time to seriously look in the mirror,” he said.

“It’s not President Trump that did this. It’s that guy in City Hall, Bill de Blasio — your Communist mayor who has failed you and  — as I said on this program and others, repeatedly for years now —  people will die because of the arguments going on over public safety,” Bongino said.

“And, tragically, I was correct,” he finished.