De Silvestro reflects on challenging Supercars stint

The Swiss star has officially departed the show and her Australian foundation, deciding on a return back to Switzerland and a Porsche bargain for 2020.

Her programme together with the German maker comprises Formula E development function and also an ADAC GT Experts race chair.

The choice to depart Supercars comes off the back of that which was, occasionally, a frustrating 3 seasons with the Nissan Motorsport/Kelly Racing outfit. The stint yielded two Leading 10 races endings (Newcastle 2018 and Pukekohe 2019), and also a top of 19th in the standings (2019).

inside this Q&A using, p Silvestro reflects on the ups and downs of the previous 3 decades, in addition to admitting that she will leave with a feeling of unfinished business down under.

How can you reflect in your three seasons in Supercars?

I believe… it was a fantastic experience. I had lots of fun driving in Supercars, it is a very cool category to participate in. I believe that it was a great 3 decades. I learnt a whole lot, and there certainly were lots of downs and ups.

Was it harder than you anticipated? Your primary Bathurst cameos went well, however, the fulltime thing appeared tough.

Yeah. At the initial year, studying the automobiles was rather catchy. Everybody driving has jumped from karts in to Supercars. So you are on the rear, since you are attempting to find out exactly what you want to understand, and produce the race car in exactly the exact same moment.

Hence the very first year which was really catchy, but I felt as though I received my mind around it fairly well. In all honesty, this season I was fairly near where Rick [Kelly] was, therefore I believe that shows there has been a large progress even if the outcomes were not really there.

Can there be a feeling of disappointment which the outcomes have not been there? Is there a feeling of unfinished business because you depart the sequence?

Yeah there’s. This has been something that bothered me as it arrived to leaving.

I feel as each class I have been in, I have been fairly profitable. And there it did not really occur. However, I believe that has got a whole lot to do with all the conditions. This season using the Nissan it had been hard, and together with the group moving down to 2 cars I don’t there was the input which other teams have experienced this season.

So in that way it has been a bit annoying, but that is how racing moves. Sometimes it goes well, at times it is a little more catchy!

What has been the highlight of the time in Supercars?

Only rushing in Supercars. The cars are cool to push, the competitiveness is actually cool, the events we go to’re really trendy. For me personally, being European, only to have the opportunity to race for 3 years is wonderful. There are a whole lot of drivers on the market which, I believe, are very jealous of this.

I will always be thankful to have followed that chance.

Even only the chance to reside in a foreign nation is trendy…

Yeah, Australia is not a terrible place to call home! I truly loved it, I have met some fantastic folks. About the Gold Coast I’ve got a huge family circle today, it has been pretty unique in that feeling. For sure, this will not be my final trip to Australia.

What about the lowlight of your stint in Supercars?

Yeah… I believe that it’s been somewhat frustrating not getting the outcomes. That is exactly what it is. Pace-wise we had been near, but when everything goes all you can hope to get is a Best 10. I believe making it frustrating as an motorist. You may feel just like you push your bum away for nothing.

But that is how racing is.

Would things happen differently when the Triple Eight deal had gone ?

Yeah, possibly. It is always difficult to say, since I never have to experience it. In the end of the day you want people who actually want one, and wish to drive one to be your very best. I really feel like if this would have occurred, that could have been the situation.

However, you know, what happens for a reason and now I’ve got an wonderful chance with somebody who’s really large and has a huge motorsport heritage, and extends into the race track to triumph. So it will be cool to be part of the.

How near did the Triple Eight bargain get?

It had been really close. Really close.

Which are things at having an enduro driveway for 2020? )

I would really like to get it done. I feel as Bathurst is among the monitors that is fantastic for mepersonally, and pace-wise I have gained a great deal of experience. I believe that it may be helpful. Nonetheless, it is dependent upon my program, to tell the truth. That is what might make it a bit tricky, as I am beginning this new programme also I want to concentrate on it. I can not make a decision at the moment, and I feel a whole lot of teams need to lock it into. This makes it tricky for me personally.

So in case it occurs next year, amazing. If it occurs then, I really don’t understand. But I’d really like to return and it would be wonderful to come here each year and also do the enduros.

Has there been some attention out there?

Yeah there has been some discussions. However, as I said, I can not commit not. We are going to wait and see what happens.

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