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Elon Musk and his current partner, singer Grimes, are determined to break barriers and continue to surprise their followers with their decisions. Their relationship, which no one bet on when they first made it public in May 2018, has progressed in a singular way until they had a child together. The pregnancy announcement came as a surprise again, but even more so was the name the couple chose for the boy: X Æ A-12.

The arrival of the baby occurred on May 4, hours after Musk, one of the richest men in the world, announced a radical change in life, in which material possessions do not have a place because they “overwhelm” him, and over the ones that announced their decision to get rid of “almost all of them. The name chosen for the boy had a latent meaning that the couple was forced to decipher through an explanation given by the mother. According to Grimes, the X meant “the unknown variable”, while Æ refers to the “elven spelling of Ai”, which means “love and / or artificial intelligence”. The father’s contribution had to do precisely with the numerical part of the convoluted name, because A-12 represents the ‘”precursor of the SR-17, which is the couple’s favorite aircraft because it has no weapons, no defenses, only speed,” he explained. the recent mother, who added: “Excellent in battle but not violent.”

What your son thinks about the future about how they decided to name him remains for history, but for now Musk and Grimes have been forced to change their son’s name to something more earthy: the laws of California, which prohibit from registering in the registry. a person with a name that includes numbers. Under California law names must be written on birth certificates “using the 26 alphabetic letters of the English language,” but apostrophes and hyphens may also be included. Even so, neither Musk nor Grimes have given up and decided to change the last part to Roman numerals, with which the boy has been registered as X Æ A-Xii. A terminology that parents find even more beautiful than the one they had chosen as the first option.

The baby is the first of the singer, 32, while the businessman, 48, has had six other children from his marriage to his first wife, Justine, with whom he was married between 2000 and 2008. He lost it to the oldest. barely ten weeks old and then had another five (twins and triplets) due to fertilization in vitro. All of them were inscribed with conventional names: Nevada, Damien, Saxon, Griffin, Xavier and Kai.

This seems to be one more of the extravagances that add to the complex personality of the businessman, considered by many to be a visionary. Since in recent years he has been adding controversies that have even affected the development of his company and his dismissal as its president, although he retained his position as CEO. Shortly after starting to put some of his houses up for sale, Musk published a series of the most mysterious tweets (a dozen of them in an hour), in which he demanded to return “people their freedom” and wrote messages like the following: “Anger, anger against the death of the light of conscience.” And he even went so far as to state that “Tesla’s share price is too high.” A few words that had the consequence that the values ​​of the company that he founded collapsed between 9.3 and 12%, according to the estimates of different international media.

Economists have no doubt that Elon Musk brings value to Tesla and that the company is what it is thanks to him, but shareholders fear his humorous blows, his tweets, and how it affects the company’s financial stability. Geniuses are sometimes eccentric and whoever wants to play in Musk’s league, for now, should count on taking the full pack: his visionary character and his dangerous tone outs.

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