EPSTEIN UNSEALED! Newly Released Documents Look BAD For Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, & More!

When it comes to the disgusting details surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, the case is a VERY dark rabbit hole — and sometimes it seems like we may never reach the bottom of it. 

After the billionaire pedophile’s suspicious demise, the next best hope at uncovering the truth and getting justice for his victims laid with his right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now that Epstein’s alleged accomplice has been arrested, the world has been waiting to see what big names she might expose from the clandestine pedophile ring. 

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On Thursday, documents from Maxwell’s defamation case against Virginia Giuffre, one of the few women to have publicly accused Epstein of abuse, were unsealed and made available to the public. These documents provided new insight into figures that had previously been implicated of misconduct through their association with Epstein, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump’s favorite impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz

Bill Clinton

Giuffre claimed to have traveled with former President Clinton, Maxwell, and two other “young girls” to Epstein’s private island in the 2000s. There, she says, Clinton stayed in Epstein’s private residence, a site where Giuffre…

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