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Last Updated: 11/06/20 11: 06 pm

This season’s FA Cup final is to be called the ‘Heads Up FA Cup final’ as Prince William continues his campaign in assistance of mental health.

Earlier today, the Duke of Cambridge signed up with a video call with Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta, gamers Hector Bellerin and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and the Gunners academy supervisor Per Mertesacker to talk about the effort for the match, which is provisionally set up for Saturday, August 1.

Arsenal hold the record for the most FA Cup wins with 13 success to date and, throughout the call, the group went over the significance of the final being committed to mental health and the Heads Up campaign.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says the best thing is to talk to the people around you

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang states the very best thing is to talk to individuals around you

“We’re going to really use the final as a moment to promote good, positive mental health for everyone,” the Duke stated.

“It’s quite timely bearing in mind what we’ve all been through with this pandemic. I think there’s going to be, sadly, a lot of repercussions from this in society, not just in football, in terms of people’s mental health. Hopefully the FA Cup can be a bit of a pivot that people can rally around.”

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Arteta stated: “You have to produce a safe environment for them to be able to talk to you straight without feeling evaluated, or [worrying] whether that’s going to have effects for them, whether they’re going to play or not, or my sensations towards them.

Per Mertesacker is Arsenal's academy manager and admits he found it hard to talk to people in the past

Per Mertesacker is Arsenal’s academy supervisor and confesses he discovered it difficult to talk to individuals in the past

“This is what I’ve been attempting to do over the last 12 weeks, by attempting to talk separately so they can raise those sensations, their problems, and we can construct the club culture that I desire, which is based upon regard.”

Mertesacker, who likewise bet Arsenal for 7 years, stated: “I was not comfy talking to particular people since I believed I required to be strong, resistant and resistant, and handle any type of situations.

“Nowadays, there are more mechanisms than ever to start a conversation, and to give players tools to really cope with it.”

Striker Aubameyang stated: “I believe the most essential thing is to be next to them, to attempt to speak a lot with them, [and] to provide all the area they require for talking, since I believe the very best thing is to talk, and to talk about issues.”

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