Facebook and Twitter shutter pro-Trump network reaching 55 million accounts

On Friday, Facebook and Twitter closed down a network of bogus accounts which pushed pro-Trump messages while”masquerading” as Americans using AI-generated faces as profile photographs.

In a blog post, Facebook linked the accounts to some social media firm known as the BL which has links to Epoch Media Group. Back in August, NBC News first reported that Epoch Media Group was compelling messages in support of President Donald Trump across societal networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Epoch has connections to Falun Gong, an eccentric Chinese religious community which has faced significant persecution in the nation’s central authorities.

Facebook noted that a number of the bogus accounts utilized in the most recent campaign used false profile photographs that seemed to have been produced with artificial intelligence. Those reports would place BL articles in other Facebook classes while pretending to be Americans. Pro-Trump messages were posted”in rather substantial frequencies” and connected to off-platform websites belonging to both BL and The Epoch Times. The pages and accounts were handled by people in america and Vietnam.

Facebook explained it eliminated 610 accounts, 89 Facebook webpages, 156 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts which were linked to the company. Approximately 55 million balances followed among those Facebook webpages and 92,000 followed at least among those Instagram accounts. The organization invested almost $9.5 million in ads, based on Facebook.

“The BL is currently banned from Facebook,” Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of safety policy, said in a statement. “We’re continuing to explore all connected systems, and will do it as appropriate when we determine they’re engaged in deceptive behavior.”

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