‘F*cking finally!’ – Berbatov salutes Lloris for Son half-time bashing

The Bulgarian was “pleasantly surprised” to begin to see the altercation involving the two players on the pitch, echoing Jose Mourinho’s thoughts on the incident

Dimitar Berbatov has revealed he was very happy to see Tottenham players involved with a half-time, on-field spat during their Premier League clash with Everton.

Hugo Lloris raced over to remonstrate with team-mate Heung-Min Son during Monday’s meeting at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, despite the hosts holding a 1-0 advantage at the time.

The Spurs skipper explained afterwards he confronted the South Korea international over his not enough pressing of the opposition, adding that there was no issue involving the pair and that all have been resolved.

Indeed, Jose Mourinho admitted it was “beautiful” to begin to see the two players showing passion for the reason, with Berbatov claiming he wants to see more incidents like that from the north Londoners.

He told Betfair: “To be honest I was happy with the Spurs result against Everton, sometimes you just need grit to advance. When I was at United and we became champions, we won most games 1-0 consistently, oahu is the most important lead to football. Three points equal three points, no matter the method that you get them. 

“Son and Lloris’ bust up was nothing, the desire to be successful is always high and we have to see this more often from Spurs players, it demonstrates to you care, you intend to win, and also you have the fire to complete it.

“If players aren’t doing their job, they need to let each other know, even if they fight a bit. In a means, Mourinho is right, plus it was a lovely thing to see. The only issue is that individuals, the fans, also saw it, and perhaps it would have already been better in the dressing room, but overall it’s good to see the fire there.

“There were many fiery players when I was playing, everybody wanted to win. If the ref was a coach, you could bust up together, with other players, there have been fights frequently broken up.

“It was like this a great deal at United, when [Nemanja] Vidic was kicking somebody and didn’t care, you’d argue and fight, but afterwards you understand it’s OKAY. We all wanted to win, and we knew that of each other.

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“If I did so something wrong, Giggsy would tell me, and I would tell myself ‘come on now’. Patrice [Evra] was in a bust up several times, Vidic also, it was mostly defenders as they’re the tough ones. 

“I don’t remember the last time Spurs did that, they’ve been very controlled with no anger. It was a pleasant surprise, I was like ‘f*cking finally’, he is captain and that is his job to let them know to be better.

“Again, maybe wait for the dressing room, but in that moment it can be an uncontrollable impulse. it was passionate, it was necessary, and when it comes from your captain you take it on the chin and do better next time.”