For bowling alleys, time is running out | Local

“We do have to protect lives, but we also need to safeguard livelihoods,” Jordan said.

Woerner had similar sentiments, saying that bowling alleys are safe places where families can spend quality time together during the pandemic.

“It’s time for the governor to get to work, draft the guidelines and provide the direction for how bowling centers can reopen,” she said.

Plans take shape

Meanwhile, inside Kingpin’s, signs reminding visitors to maintain social distancing were spotted throughout the center. Plexiglass surrounds the counter, and sanitation stations were set up throughout the building.

Bohannon said there are 11-and-a-half feet between each set of lanes, more than enough space to maintain social distancing if bowlers use every other lane.

The center has bought disposable slip covers that go over shoes to allow people to bowl without renting shoes, and there are plans in place to disinfect every ball after use.

The Proprietor Association, last month, submitted at 23-page safety plan that would require everything from temperature checks to daily cleaning, but has not heard anything from state officials regarding the plan.

“During this entire month, we’ve heard nothing from Albany as to when we can get back to making a living,” Bohannon said

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