Former Beautycon Employees Lash Out At Company & CEO With Salacious Anonymous Comments!

Yet yet another big scandal going down in the beauty industry right now… and this one is throughout social media, too!

This time, the prospective is Beautycon, and specifically the company’s embattled chief executive officer, Moj Mahdara. A fresh anonymous Instagram account, @BeautyconnedbyMoj, has popped up, and it features alleged ex-employees of the business who have not-so-nice things to say about the CEO and the way in which things are now being run today.

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The new IG account first appeared late Thursday afternoon, according to WWD, and features screenshots of the company’s negative reviews on Glassdoor as well as other posts, videos, and screenshots of comments created by what seem to be ex-employees. Aside from an IGTV video created by influencer Patrick Starrr, which openly calls Beautycon a “hodgepodge mess,” most every thing posted on the account is anonymous.

When reached via DM by WWD on Thursday, an anonymous administrator of the IG account repaid a DM with a statement in regards to the purpose behind creating the profile, and sharing the damning anonymous comments. The unidentified person wrote:

“We are a collective group of people that have worked with Moj in some capacity through Beautycon over the last 5+ [sic] years. The intent behind this account is to share our firsthand experiences with Moj and receipts in a format where she can no longer continue steadily to silence our voices and deny her abusive behavior. We desire to be clear that people love the Beautycon community and festival and desire to see it thrive under new management. For too long [sic] Moj continues to scam and bully the people who work tirelessly to give her a platform with no repercussion for her continued dishonesty. We also desire to help educate the key superstars, investors as well as other key partners that continue steadily to support Moj because they are unawarely complicit.”

In posts on the account, Mahdara is known as “an absolute monster,” and accused of varied things including  “emotional abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, underpaid staff, missing payments, ZERO [sic] accountability, name-calling, ignored contracts, manipulating new hires in the future on board irrespective of bankruptcy, pending lawsuits and robbing clients of their money with ticket sales for a festival that isn’t happening,” along with “belittling harassment.”

Further research into the company’s Glassdoor reviews confirms a few of the same so-called issues, at the least based on the anonymous complaints created by alleged former employees. In that case, one review suggested working at Beautycon was much like “working in the Trump White House,” while another added an accusation that the embattled CEO “is only interested in her own personal gain and uses everyone for as long as they can stand it.”

As you can see (below), the account has a very pointed and specific perspective — lambasting Mahdara:


And there’s far more where that came from… click HERE to see the account itself.

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Beautycon’s upcoming festivals in New York (October 31 and November 1) and Los Angeles (December 5 and 6) are both still set to go as of now, with tickets still for sale — even as both cities have rolled right back reopening plans amid a surge in coronavirus cases across the United States. We’ll see how things play from here before those two events…

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