Former Kiss Guitarist In Legal Battle With Ex-Girlfriend Filing Restraining Order – NBC Los Angeles

A former San Diego partner of epic rock celebrity Ace Frehley has actually declared a restraining order versus the former KISS guitarist in North County San DiegoCourt


Rockstar Ace Frehley, recognized for co-founding the band KISS, is currently dealing with a residential physical violence restraining order in San Diego County.

“My life has actually been endangered by.
him and also individuals that he understands,” claimed RachaelGordon,
Frehley’s former partner.

In an unique meeting with NBC 7, Rachael Gordon claimed she dated the guitarist for 11 years.

“We had been inseparable, completely inseparable since then,” Gordon claimed.

Gordon claimed points altered the evening of July 12, 2019, when Frehley hurried right into their Rancho Santa Fe residence, took his possessions, and also all of a sudden left.

“They started grabbing his guitars, I said what’s going? They wouldn’t look at me. They started grabbing his gold records off the walls and I said, what is happening, honey what’s going on here? I thought you were coming home, I thought you were tired?” Gordon claimed. “Then they started yelling and screaming at me.”

Gordon claimed Frehley was with 2 bodyguards and also his little girl, that had all showed up on medicines. She claimed among the bodyguards endangered her.

“When I turned to go out of the room the female bodyguard had her fist in my face already and said, ‘hey if you say one word you’re going down, one word and listen I’m going to lay you out, right now,’” Gordon remembered. “She grit her teeth right up into my face and scared me.”

But Frehley’s lawyer Jennifer Goldman claimed Frehley was taking his points due to the fact that the pair broke-up.

“The purpose of his visit was to gather his guitars and gold records he had lived there for quite some time with her,” Goldman claimed. “Absolutely nothing happened, and my client is innocent.”

Goldman claimed this event was not an ambush like Gordon defined.

She obtained dismayed and also made use of the judicial system to submit a restraining order when these are unwarranted, unproven baseless, incorrect claims and also we will totally show that at (Thursday’s) hearing,” claimed Goldman.

But Gordon asserts she has actually taken care of previous circumstances of spoken and also mental misuse.

“Very, extremely spoken, extremely mental, extremely, extremely managing and also extremely fierce,” Gordon claimed.

Gordon is likewise requesting countless bucks.
to cover legal costs, lease, to name a few points.

“I want other women to feel comfortable to speak up,” Gordon claimed. “Hopefully these men will stop doing this.”

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