Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt: People Under Lockdown ‘Can’t Get Their Nails Done’

Fox News proceeded its acquainted roll of minimizing passing away people when a host regreted not having the ability to return garments or get hair as well as nails done in the middle of COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Women, all my friends are saying, you know, this is not a priority, people are dying and I realize that, but they can’t get their nails done,” stated “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt on Thursday early morning.

Earhardt was speaking with fellow hosts Steve Ducey as well as Brian Kilmead regarding the coronavirus, which has actually eliminated thousands around the globe. An absence of screening sets as well as a management minimizing the danger has actually added to the climbing variety of instances in the UNITED STATE

While Earhardt started by commending nations like China as well as South Korea, which have actually taken substantial actions to reduce the spread, she promptly moved to grumbling regarding not having the ability to finish day-to-day jobs as states have actually informed people to stay at home.

“But I was thinking, you know, we all ― I live in the city ― you can’t go back to the city,” Earhardt stated. “You can, but I don’t want to because I don’t want to be around the area that’s affected the most. But I’m thinking like, all the bills that are stacking up at my apartment, you gotta think about that kind of thing. If you bought clothes before all of this happened, if you want to return it, are stores gonna wave that 30-day period where you get your money back if you need to return something?”

Fox News hosts have actually formerly soft-pedaled the danger of the coronavirus, as well as some have actually also birded the head of state’s lie that the extent of that danger was a Democratic or media “hoax.” TexasLt Gov. Dan Patrick got on Fox News previously today to state that old people want to pass away to shield the economic climate. And currently Earhardt has actually recommended that the failure to finish some elegance regimens deserves people’s issue nowadays.

“Y’all don’t think about this, guys ― this is not a priority ― but women have to get their hair done,” she stated. “I saw someone tweet, ‘You’re gonna see what color our real hair is because our roots are gonna grow in.’ Women, all my friends are saying, you know, this is not a priority, people are dying and I realize that, but they can’t get their nails done. Businesses are closed everywhere right now, we’re in priority mode right now. It’s pharmacies and grocery stores, those are really the only places people are going now.”

As of Thursday, greater than a thousand people in the UNITED STATE have actually passed away from the condition. And in New York– the city Earhardt describes– healthcare facilities have actually been loaded with ill people. The New York Times reported Wednesday that 13 people passed away in a day at simply one Queens- location health center. And if we desire those numbers to drop, after that Earhardt will certainly need to wait a bit longer to return those garments.

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