‘France is complicit in Libya’s mass graves crime,’ says Turkish official – Middle East Monitor

Spokesperson for the Turkish Justice and Development Party Omar Glick accused France of participating in the mass graves crimes completed by the militias of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who is supported by Paris.

Glick pointed out that France is complicit in the mass grave crimes by supporting Haftar and attempting to cover up these atrocities by pretending to protect human rights and making unfair accusations against Turkey to get from the impasse.

“France committed a crime in Libya that has been exposed with the discovery of the mass graves there,” according to Glick, noting that “France is now assuming the role of human rights defender to evade this floundering situation, while accusing Turkey to avoid accountability.”

The Turkish official noticed that in 1994, a million people were killed during 100 days in Rwanda with a government backed by France, and that the results of investigations and research in the state archives showed that France encouraged the killings of these civilians, in order to maintain Rwanda under its control.

He stressed that France supported General Haftar, despite the presence of the best government in the capital, recognised by the United Nations (UN).

Glick added:

The injustices and crimes committed by Haftar over the past 14 months were uncovered today with the discovery of the mass graves.

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He continued: “Haftar committed crimes against humanity there, and France remained silent throughout this period, and provided support to his militia, while he was bombing the airport and committing the massacres we witnessed after discovering the mass graves.”

Glick conveyed that French President Emmanuel Macron has also been backing Haftar. However, following the latter was defeated and removed from the equation, Macron denied his support for the West Libya forces, and stated that he didn’t support Haftar, warning Putin not to support him either.

He wondered: “Where was France during the 14 months of Haftar’s attack on Tripoli?”

Glick asserted that France continues to offer arms to the warring parties in Yemen, regardless of the occurrence of several human rights violations there.

He stated that France’s prolific reports on human right violations in Yemen did not stop its authorities from trying to sell weapons to parties to the conflict there, stressing that Yemen is witnessing a massacre similar to the one which took place in Rwanda.

Glick pointed out that Macron resorted to accusing President Erdogan and Turkey, in order to full cover up the mass graves crimes committed by Haftar, who receives Paris’ support, to distract the entire world from his defeat in local elections.

The Turkish official confirmed that Turkey clearly and explicitly supports the legitimate Libyan government, and follows a policy that respects all Libyan people. Whereas, France stands beside an illegitimate party and plays a dangerous and criminal role in Libya.

As for the allegations made by France about a French vessel being harassed by an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean, and the French authorities’ call on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to open a study into the matter, Glick clarified that the report submitted by Paris to NATO is misguided, insisting why these allegations are completely false.

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He highlighted that France is attempting to mislead NATO on the incident, stating that NATO officials understand France’s motives, exaggeration and position.

Glick asserted that France is guilty and cannot hide the crime of mass graves in Libya by making false allegations against Turkey and President Erdogan.

The Libyan authorities have recovered 219 bodies currently from mass graves south of the main city, Tripoli, and in the town of Tarhuna, following the defeat of Haftar’s militia last month.

The Libyan government accuses France, Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates of supporting Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli with weapons and mercenaries. However, these allegations have been over and over denied by the aforementioned countries.