Gavin Rossdale Calls His ‘Crumbling’ Marriage To Gwen Stefani His ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’

Gavin Rossdale is getting deep!

As you’re likely aware, the rocker was once married to Gwen Stefani from 2002 until 2013 when it absolutely was discovered he previously allegedly been cheating on the No Doubt frontwoman with a nanny. Looking straight back on things, that split up has been hard for him to shake.

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When asked by The Guardian about his “most embarrassing moment” throughout a series of quick questions, the 54-year-old responded:

“The gross and lopsided spectre of the crumbling of my marriage.”


Together, the 2 musicians share three sons: 14-year-old Kingston, 11-year-old Zuma, and 6-year-old Apollo. And while the Bush guitarist doesn’t typically share much information about his private life, that he didn’t shy away from the main topics co-parenting in a pandemic a few months straight back.

Admitting their schedule was “tricky” during an appearance on SiriusXM‘s Trunk Nation in April, that he explained:

“I did the first two weeks with them, then they went to Oklahoma.”

Like many other celebs with the means to afford multiple domiciles, Blake Shelton is the owner of an enormous ranch in the Sooner State, where in actuality the blended family decided to quarantine together.

Rossdale continued:

“I think it’s ok for now, but it’s a real big dilemma for parents and kids with split custody.”

Especially if they’re quarantining in split states!

Gavin added he had been “mindful” of who that he and his sons were spending time with so the entire family might be safe:

“I know who’s around me and know who’s bringing the corona — no one — but you send your kids out and now they’re coming back to you, and now you’re prone to whoever they’re with. So, it’s a tricky one with all divorced parents.”

He also shared how much that he missed spending some time with his boys:

“I miss them, and they should be back. I have them the first week and then I haven’t had them for ten or 11 days, and that’s a long time. Normally I have them every five days or something.”

The pandemic is very much still an issue, so it’s unclear how they’ve continued to split time with the children since April!

Gavin explained during the time he was content with the arrangement, so he might be “selfish” and “play that guitar more,” but dished that he does want them around obviously:

“But now I’m like, ‘I prefer it when they’re around.’”

To combat his loneliness, he previously been doing “a lot of FaceTime” with the boys, even though they sometimes “don’t want to.” As for his relationship with Gwen, think she’ll have any words on her ex-husband after he raised their “crumbling” marriage??

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]