General election 2019 live: Result ‘too close to call’ as polls open

Andrew Hawkins, chairman of Savanta ComRes,  has shared his ideas on the ultimate Telegraph ballot forward of right now’s election. 

The survey places the Conservatives on 41 per cent forward of Labour on 36 per cent, the smallest Tory lead since mid-October.

The end result would give the Prime Minister a slender majority of simply six though the ballot predicts a hung parliament as a “believable” end result.

Writing within the Telegraph, Mr Hawkins wrote: 

This Jingle Hells election has turn out to be totally unpredictable. The present evaluation factors to an exceptionally massive variety of marginal seats whoever wins. Not solely have conventional social gathering loyalties fractured, however the presence of disruptive smaller events makes as soon as binary contests a collection of multi-party scraps. Even with some polls utilizing big nationwide pattern sizes, the vary of completely justifiable outcomes stretches from a hung parliament to a Tory majority of 100.

Learn the complete evaluation. 

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