Germany joins tiny host of European nations by making ‘upskirting’ punishable crime — RT World News

German MPs have followed their UK and French colleagues, backing legislation that has a fine or possibly a prison term for taking unsolicited photos under somebody’s clothing.

The Bundestag voted in favor of a law on “improving privacy protection” this Friday, thus outlawing the practice.

From now on, anyone attempting to film under somebody’s clothing in order to see their underwear or private parts will face a superb or a maximum prison term of around two years. Under existing laws, upskirting was deemed a small offence punishable only by a small fine.

Minister Christine Lambrecht, who championed the legislation, welcomed the headlines, saying that to photograph a woman under her skirt or bustline is “a shameless violation of her privacy.”

Upskirting gained notoriety around the globe following the advent of high-definition smartphone cameras. Its victims are often sought after on public transport and in other crowded places, and pictures or videos usually appear on adult websites or are shared online.

Germany has effectively followed in the footsteps of England and Wales, which criminalized upskirting in 2019, with France having outlawed the practice the year prior.

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