Gerrit Cole Rumors: 12/10/19 – MLB Trade Rumors

Where is Gerrit Cole likely to land? That is what everybody would like to know. We have a poll going this morning, but we’re eagerly anticipating the day’s information on the very best free agent.

We will monitor the chatter here…

  • Cole’s important pursuers are famous (Angels, Yankees, Dodgers), together with a couple of lurkers (Rangers, Phillies). But there is also a puzzle team involved, based on Jon Heyman of MLB Network (via Twitter). Heyman himself casts doubt upon the validity of the unknown company, noting it is hard to imagine a new entrant into the marketplace vaulting past the present bidders. Really, it’s fairly tricky to cancel a significant bidder among the rest of the teams around the globe. There are other contenders that would really like to include Cole, but in each case there is reason to question the plausibility. Nevertheless there were surprises before and nothing could be ruled out completely till there is a team statement on a signing up.

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