Glickenhaus to field two hypercars in 2021 WEC season

The group, established by Jim Glickenhaus, had actually currently specified its objective to participate in the champion’s brand-new leading class from 2021 and has actually now validated it will prepare to field two LMH models.

“In 2017 we stood up and said we would race the new Hypercar class. We are moving rapidly to fulfil that goal,” the Glickenhaus team announced. “The engineering of our chassis is total, and we are settling engineering on other parts.”

The Glickenhaus chassis, called SCG 007, has actually been established by the Italian company Podium AdvancedTechnologies The group will utilize a naturally aspirated V8 established by the French engine home builder Pipo Moteurs, which has actually generally been active on the rally scene.

“We have completed our first set of physical wind-tunnel testing, in one of the world’s top wind tunnels,” the team’s statement added. “We have actually currently satisfied numerous of our engineering targets, and are using the lessons found out to move us towards extra targets.

“We will begin dyno screening our Pipo engine next month, and we will be checking our 007’s prior to completion of this year.”

Le Mans organiser Automobile Club de l’Ouest has actually invited Glickenhaus’s strategies to strengthen the brand-new hypercar grid from2021 “This amazing statement stresses the attraction of our brand-new leading class,” commented ACO president Pierre Fillon.

“Incidentally, I need to highlight Glickenhaus’s fantastic accomplishments both in structure and promoting this maker. I would likewise like to thank Glickenhaus and all our producers for their contribution to the discipline and their faith in our prepare for the future of endurance racing.”

As it stands Glickenhaus will take on Toyota and ByKolles in the LMH hypercar class. Peugeot is set to sign up with the grid from 2022 onwards, although the French maker has actually not yet validated whether it will field a hypercar or a more affordable, LMP2-based LMDh model.

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Glickenhaus 007

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