Google Nest Audio review: A welcome upgrade for Google’s flagship smart speaker


Google’s new Nest Audio costs $100 and replaces the company’s original Google Home smart speaker.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Google’s very first smart speaker, the Google Home, appeared in 2016 as the answer to Amazon’s brand-new Echo device. Since then, the two companies have released countless smart devices, acquired startups and expanded their voice assistants to create the platforms millions of people use today. 

The Google Home was overdue for an upgrade, and it comes in the form of the new Nest Audio. This $100 (£90, AU$149) smart speaker sits squarely in the middle of the Nest Mini and Home Max, providing a midrange speaker that is no more or less smarter than you’d expect. Sound is improved over the old Home speaker, and the design is updated, yet familiar, in keeping with the newer, fabric-wrapped design of Google’s other Nest speakers. A handful of new features make this sensibly updated speaker appealing, especially if you’re looking for great sound and a good price.


  • Improved sound
  • Good channel separation in stereo pair

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