Greenback returns: How dollar stores came back to Cuba

Benito Morejón made sure to join the queue early

Benito Morejón arrived at the supermarket before dawn to claim a spot near the front of the queue.

The supermarket in Havana is one of a number of shops opened by the Cuban government on the island in which basic food and hygiene products can be paid for with the currency of its ideological enemy: the US dollar.

When the police eventually opened the gates several hours later, he was fourth in a line that stretched back hundreds of metres along Third Avenue in Havana’s Playa district.

Cubans keen to stock up on essentials came armed with patience

The queue was hardly surprising. Inside, the store was abundantly stocked with much-needed essentials from baby milk to shower gel. However, the catch was that the only acceptable form of payment was in a foreign…

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