Have Conservatives Been Betrayed By Latest Decisions By Supreme Court

We now realize that Justice Brett Kavanaugh just isn’t enough. Judge Clarence Thomas is getting old, and Chief Justice John Roberts moved over to the dark side. What will he quit to get that sixth vote?

We need several more.

The shameful truth about Roberts is this: He always envied Justice Kennedy’s “power” to be the alleged Swing Vote, with both liberals and conservatives seeking his deciding vote. Roberts has now crowned himself the newest swing vote, power broker–a narcissistic, petty move for self-importance. Sad, but true.

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In the meantime, we should be grateful that the Democrats and their allies have FINALLY shown the entire world exactly how evil and power-mad they truly are.

Democrats and other swamp dwellers have now been able to escape with their lying charades for so long they never thought anyone would call them on it. President Trump just isn’t one of those rollover Republicans, however. He didn’t resign – he fought back. They still haven’t figured out how to proceed about him.


I think we need to head to one eight-year term for presidents. The desire to get that 2nd four years through the procedure of an election just isn’t good for The People.

Along with the one eight-year term for the President, I would change that a person in Congress can just only serve 12 total years as a Senator or Representative or perhaps a combination thereof. I would change the House term to a four-year term rather than two. I see it in order to curb what has become a multi-billion dollar business of elections.

I think it might take the constant need certainly to campaign and raise money out of the equation. How often have we read or heard that nothing could easily get done because it’s an election year? Then again, nothing getting done by congress is generally a good thing for we the taxpayers.


There’s an excessive amount of funny money flowing through DC. I will be not wanting to start a conspiracy that the Supreme Court is being bought; however, we have to ban all corporations and foreign lobbying and special interest groups/NGOs—period.

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Enforce a zero gift/favor policy for just about any congressperson or their family, punishable with mandatory a decade in prison. No exceptions, no deals for pleading guilty of a lesser crime.

No exaggeration: Special interest groups and mega lobbyists own our Congress and others, also it seems our lawmakers are slaves due to the favors they’ve already accepted, and their desire for more.

Many think that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has been compromised together with his decisions which do not flow along with a constitutional or conservative.


There is still another significant point here that should be addressed; The Constitution had not been written for lawyers.

The Constitution was written to enshrine the ideals of liberty and justice. Not to offer lawyers a framework within to play with the rights of Americans. It had been intended to be considered a document that All men could comprehend. It is becoming an instrument of control by lawyers and politicians.

The meaning and intent of the document are apparent to those who read it. Why should the people be instructed to view rulings through the thought of “stare decisis,” where in past decisions are held up because the arbitrator of things right. We have experienced that concept fails in Brown v. Board and the idea of split but equal. They first got it wrong. Today we observe that all the time.

There is really a solution. Nowhere is it enshrined that justices of the Supreme court be lawyers or even versed in what the law states. We understand what happens once you put legal counsel in charge of understanding ANY written document. Want proof? Read the Terms of Service agreement to utilize Microsoft Windows.

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So what to do? The president should stop appointing justices that have legal backgrounds and approach everything as though it were a legal document. Appoint civilians who’ll read the Constitution for the plain words it engenders. Those words were meant to have meaning.

The legal profession has eroded that base of understanding for one that will require legions of lawyers.

Remember the admonition of Shakespeare, “First kill all the lawyers?” Let’s take them of from the procedure.