‘He is a Hack and a Shill’

‘He is a Hack and a Shill’– Susan “Benghazi” Rice Attacks Richard Grenell as a ‘Massively Dishonest’ Person (VIDEO CLIP)

Obama’s corrupt National Security Advisor Susan Rice struckAmb Richard Grenell as a ‘hack and a shill’ after Trump selected him as Acting DNI.

Susan Rice, that is best recognized for unlawfully uncovering American residents and incorrectly declaring a YouTube video clip created the Benghazi terrorist strike that eliminated 4 Americans, had the nerve to call Richard Grenell a “massively dishonest” individual.

“The problem is that Ric Grenell is one of the most massively dishonest people I’ve ever encountered. I’m not using this language lightly. He is a hack and a shill and that’s all he’s ever been,” Susan Rice stated on Friday.


President Trump on Wednesday calledAmbassador Richard Grenell as Acting Head of the Office of Director of National Intelligence.

This action is mosting likely to shock the rogue knowledge firms that are infamously anti-Trump

Pro-Trump NSC staffer Kash Patel has actually been picked to act as elderly consultant toAmb Richard Grenell, Acting DNI principal.

Mr Patel formerly benefited hero Congressman Devin Nunes and he composed the 2-page FISA memorandum launched by Nunes in February of 2018 affirming the FBI/DOJ poorly gotten 4 FISA warrants on Trump project consultant Carter Page.

Patel was the lead private investigator that wiped out Schiff and the Democrats in the Russia collusion scam.

According to records, Grenell and Patel are mandated to “clean house” consisting of a “top to bottom” evaluation of ODNI procedures.

No question why Brennan, Susan Rice and every one of the normal suspects are out completely pressure striking Grenell!

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