‘He is so encouraging’ – West Ham’s Jinadu reveals Fabianski inspiration

The Nigeria youth international says he’s got learnt a great deal from the Polish star, while mentioning goalkeepers that he aspires to possess their versatility

New West Ham signing Daniel Jinadu has identified Lukasz Fabianski as a source of inspiration as that he looks to enhance his game.

The goalkeeping prodigy will carry on with his progress in Stratford having been handed his first professional contract.

The Nigeria youth international began his career with Chelsea before joining the Hammers in December 2017 – taking on a two-year scholarship in the summer of 2018.

In the 2019-20 season, he made five appearances with the U18s and today has an opportunity to work his way through the first team.

Fabianski, 35, is one player in West Ham the teenager hasn’t struggled to gel with as that he notes the former Swansea City and Arsenal player has contributed a great deal towards helping him improve his game.

“I have trained a couple of times with Lukasz Fabianski, he is a very good goalkeeper. Whenever I train with him, he is so encouraging and very supportive,” Jinadu told Goal.

“He is always encouraging me and would give me guidelines. What I’ve really learnt from him is how quick and sharp that he is across the goal and his focus on detail.

“He moves across the ball so well, his footwork, his body weight forward and every thing.

“So, just watching and training on how professional he does everything. I wouldn’t have learnt that. He’s really good.”

Unlike so many players of his age who have household names as their role models, the case is different from Jinadu who clocks 18 on Monday.

He doesn’t have specific idol, instead, that he lists a few great goalkeepers across the globe he is learning from to help his growth in the wonderful sport.

“I don’t actually have one role model, I just learn from a lot of goalkeepers,” that he continued.

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“To name a few, I love [Manuel] Neuer, [David] De Gea, Allison [Becker] and Ederson. These keepers have really changed the game

“Ederson’s distribution is outstanding, Dea Gea’s saves – so, I like to just watch all of them with their distributions, make great saves and their confidence. It really encourages me.”

Jinadu had a significant performance for Nigeria at the 2019 U17 World Cup staged in Brazil, and that he is likely to form the fulcrum of the next pair of the country’s U20 national team.