Healthcare system could collapse, warns health ministry – Middle East Monitor

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza cautioned on Wednesday of the collapse of the healthcare system as a result of the rigorous 14- year Israeli siege, Al-Mujtama Magazine reported.

In an unique meeting with the publication, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Ashraf Al-Qidra cautioned that the seaside territory gets on the side of a noteworthy calamity as a result of the absence of essential tools as well as centers among the battle versus the unique coronavirus.

“The Gaza Strip is a very fragile area as it is the most densely populated place on earth,” Al-Qidra claimed, keeping in mind that there are 5,500 individuals per square kilometre.

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“This makes it a ticking bomb,” Al-Qidra claimed. “If only one Gaza resident is infected with coronavirus, there would be a disaster as this infected person would easily and quickly mix with hundreds of people,” he clarified.

Al-Qidra condemned the Israeli profession for the dilapidation of the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip which indicates condition spreads quickly as a result of the extreme scarcity of breathing systems, critical care unit as well as medication.

In light of major anxieties over the arrival of coronavirus to the Gaza Strip, Al-Qidra asked for the entire globe to birth obligation in safeguarding its 2 million citizens.

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Coronavirus is influencing the globe’s economic situation– Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

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