Here’s Exactly Why You Should Never, Ever Try To Drive Through A Flooded Road

It’s a fundamental caution offered to vehicle drivers almost everywhere: Don’ t drive right into flooded roadways.

A chauffeur in South Carolina found out that lesson by hand.

Footage from the scene reveals a red pickup trying to drive through a plainly flooded underpass.

The unrevealed spectator that taped the video footage informed video clip licensor ViralHog that the chauffeur left the sinking lorry through the back home window.

Weather authorities make use of the expression “turn around, don’t drown” for motorists coming close to flooded roadways as water degrees can be misleading– as well as sometimes, cars can sink or obtain brushed up away.

The National Weather Service claims over half of all flood-related fatalities occur in cars. The firm stated as low as 6 inches of water might create loss of control. Cars can drift in simply one foot of water, while 2 feet can complete also numerous SUVs.

In enhancement, water damages can amount to an automobile by wrecking its electric systems as well as swamping the engine.

Even if fixed, these cars can have issues with mold, mold and mildew as well as corrosion, to name a few problems.

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