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TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – You might have seen a few of his pictures all through this pandemic.

A hospital photographer has been displaying us precisely what’s taking place at one hard-hit hospital in Bergen County.

Through the fastidiously disinfected lens of Jeff Rhode, we’re given a glimpse into the chaos that’s COVID-19: The worry. The hope. The docs and nurses.

“Once I was in with everybody in the front, I just kind of stayed there and that was it,” Rhode mentioned.

He’s a multimedia specialist at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, a spot described early on because the epicenter in New Jersey.

(credit score: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center)

Rhode fits up in PPE, then begins documenting.


“Once it was pointed out to me that, yeah, this is pretty historical, then I felt, I guess, more of an obligation to continue with it. Even though I want to, there’s never a question to stop,” Rhode informed CBS2’s Alice Gainer.

So from 7 a.m. till he can’t go any longer, he snaps away.

“The worst day for me would be after the fourth or fifth day, when the number of patients just sort of exploded. Things were frantic. The rooms were being divided by plastic sheets. The patient area is getting smaller and smaller,” Rhode mentioned.

(credit score: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center)

He says he was struck by all the employees who got here collectively to assist modify the constructing to just accept extra sufferers.

“Someone from radiology down there. Someone from the gift shop down there. And someone from nursing down there … And they would all be doing whatever it was needed to be done,” he mentioned.

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“When someone says show me the images you’ll remember most from that time, are there three in your mind?” Gainer requested.

“COVID positive mother-to-be, was going to have a C-section, and you could see everybody was a little nervous about it. There was a new, hospital-made exhaust device that went over her head and she had to lay with her head inside of it so she wouldn’t contaminate or harm other people,” he mentioned.

(credit score: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center)

“There was one of a nurse, her name’s Arlene, and she was working in the ICU. When I was in there with her, she was talking to the patient even though he was on a ventilator, he was unconscious, and when I stepped out, she continued to do that and I think it touched me more that she continued to do it after I left,” he added.

(credit score: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center)

“There was a respiratory therapist. She was sitting there looking out the window making her call and she just hung up and she just started to tell me a story about the first patient that was extubated that day. And her quote was ‘It’s not a sunny day, but it’s a great day,” Rhode mentioned.

(credit score: Jeff Rhode/Holy Name Medical Center)

Good and unhealthy, he vows to proceed present us all of it.

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