How Chris Jones’ contract will effect the Chiefs signing Patrick Mahomes

No long-term deal with Chris Jones means he’s playing elsewhere in 2021.

Brett Veach faces a huge amount of pressure to have Chris Jones, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes paid.

It would be quite the parlay to pull that off with alongside no cap space, but if anyone can do the unthinkable and acquire three perennial Pro Bowlers paid top-dollar, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs general manager. The clock is ticking on Jones obtaining a long-term extension ahead of the July 15 deadline. If a deal is not met in a couple of weeks, Jones will play his final year with the Chiefs on the tag.

Yes, it will be Jones’ final year in Kansas City because the Chiefs simply cannot afford to pay him what he’s worth entering 2021 NFL free agency. According to Spotrac, the Chiefs have $3.57 million to work well with in available cap space in 2020. Only the New England Patriots come in a worse situation against the cap in the NFL.

If you look ahead to 2021, Kansas City may have $33.29 million available, but that’s still bottom half the league at No. 22 over all. While the Chiefs come in the top half of the league in available cap space for 2022 at $164 million, they will have had to produce all three important financial decisions about Jones’, Kelce’s and Mahomes’ financial future in Kansas City at the same time.

What happens if the Chiefs can consent to a long-term deal with Jones in the next a couple of weeks? Veach must then prioritize getting Kelce a new contract. He must make above what Austin Hooper is making with the Cleveland Browns, but he can’t be paid what George Kittle is slated to make on his mega deal before his free agency in 2021. Beat Kittle to the punch and Kelce stays, too.

Should Jones need certainly to reluctantly play on the franchise tag or wait in frustrating, just ride it out in 2020. Draft another person out of the SEC in the second round next spring and proceed. While you’re at it, begin visiting grips with Kelce playing his a year ago in Kansas City in 2021. If you think that he deserves Kittle money when he doesn’t block aswell and is in his early 30s, think again.

All that is lining around is a sweet early payday for one Patrick Mahomes. If Veach and Jones’ representation can’t arrive at a long-term agreement, it’s time to amp up Mahomes becoming the highest paid quarterback in the history of the NFL. Let’s get him a fat new deal and then work out how to replace Jones and Kelce long-term in the aggregate. It sucks, but the NFL is just a business.

If Chris Jones plays on the tag, it indicates it’s time for you to pay Patrick Mahomes.

It may possibly sound counterintuitive to pay a starting quarterback early when he’s still on his rookie deal. However, Mahomes is a former first-round pick. He’s won Kansas City a Super Bowl and took home NFL MVP in his first year as a starter. Though he may be appropriately compensated for his draft slot, Mahomes has been doing more than enough to be the highest paid player in the league.

Technically, Veach doesn’t have to pay Mahomes top-dollar until he’d hit unrestricted free agency in 2022. Delaying payment he’s rightfully earned clearly won’t sit well along with his camp, nonetheless it is an incredible frugal possibility. Be thankful the Chiefs aren’t in to pinching pennies. They’re a franchise who’s into winning championships and wants to keep doing that for as long as humanly possible.

So what we’re getting at here’s the 2nd Mahomes puts pen to paper, his contract will be depreciating in value. It’s easier to have Mahomes a few years right into a five-year deal worth $40 million yearly than being not even in to year among a five-year deal worth upwards of $55 million. Yes, the inflation rate of quarterback money is getting borderline out of hand today.

If the Chiefs can’t reach a long-term agreement before July 15 with Jones, don’t fret. Just consider it as an chance to pay Mahomes what he’s worth perhaps a summer sooner than expected. Doing so may even leave the door ajar sufficient to get Kelce paid before Kittle. If that’s the case, then Veach would only have to search for Jones’ successor and get prepared to pay another person.

No, it won’t take long. We’ll hear legions of Chiefs Kingdom clamoring for Mecole Hardman to have paid, for Juan Thornhill to get paid as well as Clyde Edwards-Helaire to get paid. Veach continues to crush it in the draft, so there’s never a dearth of great talent coming into the Chiefs organization year in and year out. While you can’t pay everyone, you have to pay Mahomes whatever is takes.

If Jones plays on the tag, don’t worry about Kelce and get Mahomes his record-setting contract.