How KIA motors is using XR to design cars

  • The carmaker has turned to Varjo’s VR headset to seamlessly improve its car designs and streamline its global design collaboration 
  • “Before, reviewing a car model with design management meant flying to Korea and took at least four days,” said a Kia design executive. “Now, I can do it in one hour”

Thomas Unterluggauer moves around the studio of KIA Motors’ Europe Design Center, making real-time design changes on the car in front of him. Colleagues wearing VR headsets surround him in virtual space, observing his design tweaks materializing on the car in front of them, all with crystal clarity.

Unterluggauer is the center’s creative manager of CGI. With recent business travel restrictions, he and his team at KIA Europe have been relying on Varjo’s mixed-reality devices integrated with Autodesk VRED to enable them to work virtually alongside colleagues from the car giant’s studios around the world, while radically redefining the collaborative process of car design.

Using the XR-1 headset made by Finnish firm Varjo, designers can visualize and work on a photorealistic, real-scale virtual car model within a real-world physical space. Using Autodesk VRED’s virtual collaboration feature, designers and stakeholders in other parts of…

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