Howard Stern Viciously Mocks ‘Genius’ Donald Trump Jr. After He Defends His Father From Radio Host’s Attacks

Howard Stern simply spoke up to simulated Donald TrumpJr after he safeguarded his father from the radio host’s disgusting attacks.

During his program on Tuesday, Stern sardonically replied to Trump Jr.’s objections of him, amusingly describing him as a “genius.”

“I can’t argue with him, that kid is such a success,” Stern joked, according to the New York Daily News “He is such a wit, he is such a genius. He would have made a fortune if he wasn’t under his father’s thumb. Game over. You can’t argue with a genius like that.”

“When he shuts you down, that’s it,” Stern proceeded mockingly. “What an accomplished young man. You can’t argue with that kind of bravery,” Stern claimed. “Even the guys in Afghanistan right now are going ‘Jesus Christ, what a kid.’”

TrumpJr had actually terminated back at Stern previously this month after the radio host assaulted the head of state as well as his numerous fans, presuming regarding require them all to “drop dead.”

TrumpJr reacted by calling Stern’s remarks “disappointing.”

“That’s total bull****,” the head of state’s child claimed. “The reality is this: My dad was able to do what he did when he won this election by being able to relate to those guys, the blue-collar worker that Donald Trump spent his entire career with.”

“Donald Trump was a better developer and built a brand because he spent time talking to those guys,” he included. “There’s a reason why you see guys within our company, even today, they started off as construction guys, started off as drivers, and they’re like executives because he gave them a chance.”

Not quiting there, TrumpJr completed rebutting Stern by claiming he was imitating two-time fell short governmental prospect Hillary Clinton, that infamously described Trump fans as “deplorables.”

“He’s acting like Hillary, which was, you know, probably what cost her some of the election was calling half the country deplorables for wanting to support someone who’s going to get things done for them, and he did,” TrumpJr claimed.

TrumpJr after that finished his tirade by totally closing Stern down. “I don’t know if he just got a taste of Hollywood when he went on, you know, the T.V. show and, all of the sudden, the establishment’s sort of politically correct people that he used to hate, now he really wants to be loved by them,” TrumpJr wrapped up. “I imagine that Stern’s trying to, you know, grab some attention. There’s a lot of other people doing sort of, you know, that took his model. I think he was a real innovator years ago, but took his model and are frankly just doing it much better now.”

I do not find out about you, yet I would certainly claim that despite having Stern’s reply, TrumpJr won this battle majorly!

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