Hudson-Odoi confirms rape allegation case has been dropped as Chelsea winger states desire to become a role model

The England international was arrested in mid-May, but a study by the relevant authorities has ended and he could be free to focus on football

Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi has welcomed the decision by Metropolitan Police to end their investigation into allegations of rape made against him, with the 19-year-old pleased to see his name cleared.

The England international was arrested on May 17 after facing accusations of sexual assault.

He was subsequently released from custody and bailed until mid-June.

The relevant authorities have now completed all of their enquiries and determined that Hudson-Odoi has no case to answer.

He has welcomed that ruling and taken to social media to thank those individuals who have offered their support all through a testing time.

Hudson-Odoi has also vowed to be much more aware of the responsibilities that he has as a professional footballer in the public eye, with the teenager determined to become a “role model”.

A statement posted on Twitter read: “At a time when there will be bigger things happening on earth right now, it’s also possible to be aware of the serious allegations that were made against me.

“I have stayed silent and assisted law enforcement fully through the duration of their enquiries, as I knew your day would soon come when my name would be cleared.

“Following a full and thorough investigation, the police have finally confirmed they’ll take no longer action.

“I would like to use this platform to thank everyone who has stood by my side and supported me all through this difficult period.

“I have learned that being a footballer and playing for one of the best clubs in the world comes with great responsibility, and going forward I will try and use my platform as a Chelsea player to be the best role model that I can be.”

Prior to his arrest, which came during coronavirus-enforced lockdown in Britain, Hudson-Odoi had tested positive for Covid-19.

He was one of the primary footballing figures to contract the virus, with competitive action eventually being placed in an indefinite state of postponement.

A green light has now been given for top-level sport to return, with the Premier League due to get underway again from June 17.

Hudson-Odoi is among those to have came ultimately back to full training, with Frank Lampard’s side set to restart their 2019-20 campaign away at Aston Villa on June 21.

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