Hunter Biden Complains That His Baby Mama Is Trying to ‘Embarrass’ Him

Based on recently unsealed court documents obtained solely by The Daily Mail, Hunter Biden complained about his private financial advice being”available to the world’s media” and not being accessible on the evening before Christmas Eve for a deposit addressing his paternity case.

Biden is at the center of a high profile legal tussle with former stripper Lunden Roberts, who claimed in May that Biden was the dad of her 16-month-old kid. Last month, a DNA test revealed Biden was really the father of their kid.

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Hunter Biden On The Ropes

Roberts, 28, seeks child support from Biden, who’s 49, also would like to determine his fiscal details so that it could fairly be established with the court just how much he needs to pay.

Biden was attempting to maintain the event a personal thing, however, a judge ruled on Thursday to unseal Biden’s submitting, stating he did not believe it to include confidential information.

The court newspaper also shows Biden’s legal team attempted to utilize Biden’s dad, former Vice President Joe Biden, to maintain the residue sealed, asserting that advice that came out of it scheduled for December 23 could”unreasonably annoy, embarrass or oppress” the younger Biden and his loved ones.

His attorneys went further, asking the judge to quash the deposition, asserting that handing over the affidavit of his financial means needs to supply Roberts with”all appropriate information for any debate of temporary child care ”

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His’Baby Mama’ Isn’t Backing Down–And Why Should She?

Roberts accused Biden on Wednesday of needing to deliver his financial documents, submitting papers that could induce him to do so.

Hunter Biden allegedly met Roberts while she had been employed as a stripper in the club Mpire at Washington D.C.. Their child was born last August.

Roberts’ allegedly wants Biden’s fiscal documents to possibly illustrate how much he needs to cover child support, besides revealing he could manage paying for her 11k legal invoice.

Without doubt, this entire controversy is”awkward” to Biden and his loved ones, but occasionally one’s activities mean impacts.

Hunter Biden can not run . Regardless of who his family is.

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