‘I don’t give a sh*t about the Scudetto’ – Brescia owner Cellino calls for further postponement amid coronavirus ‘plague’

The Italian attire’s head of state claims that football is the outermost point from his mind with the city among the epicentres of the Covid-19 situation

Brescia owner Massimo Cellino has actually decried hopes that Serie A can be reactivated prior to the end of the project, stating that football should come 2nd to dealing with the “plague” of coronavirus.

The Italian city has actually been just one of the epicentres of Europe’s Covid-19 pandemic, with a greater increase in validated situations than any kind of various other place on Tuesday, as authorities remain to have a hard time to consist of the spread of the condition.

The club rest at the foot of the top- trip, having actually seen a merry- go- round project of employing and also shooting in the mentoring task like that supervised by Cellino throughout his days as owner of Leeds United.

But the 64- year- old claims that football is the outermost point from his mind as his country beings in the hold of its best peacetime situation in current memory.

” I maintain obtaining information from Brescia, and also it’s all incredible,” he informed Corriere dello Sport “Yet, the city is encountering this with a disturbing self-respect.

“It’s damaging my heart. They have moms and dads, household, good friends and also colleagues that are passing away everyday, and also they are enduring however in silence.

“People just have one wish, to return to function and also begin living once again. And you intend to talk with me about the champion, about the title?

” I don’t give ash*t I’m afraid to leave the home, I have actually obtained a clinical depression beginning.

“If we’re talking in regards to football, every little thing should be delayed to following period. We should be sensible, gents. This is the afflict.

“[The fans] don’t desire it to begin once again. They’re the ones that prohibited it, not the federation. Life precedes. There are ultras that remain in medical facility on oxygen, others that are grieving their liked ones, and also others that are still intubated.

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“We can not play once again this year. Let’s beginning reasoning about following period. Some individuals still have not know what’s taking place, and also those individuals are even worse than the infection itself.

” I don’t rely on wonders any longer, I have not for time currently. The period’s been and also gone, if somebody intends to have that damned Scudetto after that allow them have it.Done It’s over.

“I’m not saying this because Brescia are last. We are bottom because we deserve it. Let them do what they want. I’m thinking about those who are going to lose their job, those who are dying.”

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