I Don’t Need A Poll To Tell Me Trump Wins Re-Election, Do You?

The total lack of knowledge of the chances that our system grants those who agree Democrats demonstrates how the schools failed them, the media lied to them.

And most troubling, these exact same individuals happily lap everything up since there are no real-world sanctions for that level of lack of knowledge. From well informed to ignorant, supporting the democrat celebration at this moment is an admission that a person does not appreciate much.

This election will light yet another fuse to another powder keg of leftist advocacy no matter what the result. Anger is worthless without action. Getting poked in the chest sufficient times, one will strike back.

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Just view the DemocratParty They are a goon mafia. If they understood they had this election in the bag, no chance would their infantryman be burning down cities.

They would desire stability and in no chance would run the risk of losing since of a lot of vibrant morons. Just like when you wind up in a bad stock trade, when the losses surpass your capability to believe logically, you begin to do truly dumb things.

The Democrats are gazing at an annihilated portfolio and have little to lose by attempting to make the nation believe the mayhem they are developing is because of President Trump.

Unfortunately for them, they can just do this where they remain in control, which is huge cities. Even even worse, the extremely constituents who put them in power are bearing the impact of their political temper tantrum.

If anybody thinks apolitical individuals are not beginning to awaken to the awareness that Democrats are running the locations where the issues are the worst, you are delusional, and most likely yourself a Democrat.


The left is attempting to weave a political platform out of ‘the Republicans are responsible for how the left feels.’ Feelings are not genuine and the more vulnerable the perceptiveness the more susceptible that individual is.

The left responds to all of this chemistry and all of it is happening inside themselves not in the real life. POLICES are not the issue, the mental illness of the left is the issue. In essence, the left is attempting to harness the madness of a couple of into the over through of America and the Constitution.

This is their Pickett’s Charge.

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For circumstances, all of this is starting to gradually disintegrate for the left. They have actually been yelling for reparations and now they have actually come to Gettysburg, potentially a few of the most hallowed ground FOR ALL Americans.

The GOP reparations are buried at Gettysburg and the Democrat ownership of slavery, KKK, and all of the other indecencies are preserved in the statues of the CSA on that Hallowed Ground.

Word is currently starting to leak out even for the grossly oblivious and uninformed that the Democrats did this, they are the servant owners and all of this is an effort to hide the 10,000- pound gorilla in the space.

The blue state and cities are joining this madness since they are the madness. You can lose a great deal of food (symbolically speaking) when things are working out and the liberal/progressive/Democrat/ left/Confederates (LPDLC) have actually fed off of the developers and the sane for a very long time, my guess is 155 years.

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My point is that ALL of this mayhem is the death spiral of the democrats. NO conservative takes part in a poll. Our poll and devotion are buried at Gettysburg and today LPDLC has actually just now discovered that ground, ONCE AGAIN.


The essential to this election was mentioned above. Trump citizens need to appear. We need to assist them if essential by bringing them to the surveys. Buy them a cup of coffee. Many puts let you vote early for an extended period simply in case election day is not hassle-free.

Don’ t wait. Vote.