In Johnson Victory, Democrats and Republicans See Lessons for 2020

For Democrats, there are strategic lessons in Labour’s defeat. Mr. Johnson conducted a highly diligent effort, pounding home his message he could”Get Brexit Done” and preventing disagreements over kitchen-table problems, like healthcare, which might have played into the benefit of Labour.

“It reveals the significance of subject,” Mr. Menon said. “There has been a simplicity of message”

Mr. Johnson also successfully styled his effort for a revolt against Britain’s political institution. Parliament, he said, had thwarted the democratic will of the people rather than delivering Brexit. The prime minister bludgeoned Mr. Corbyn because of his muddled place on Brexit.

Mr. Trump will be very likely to utilize a variant on the public vs. the institution storyline, attacking Democrats in Congress, that are on path to impeach himfor attempting to thwart the will of the voters who picked him 2016.

As in the USA, Britain’s election was characterized by exceptional rancor and a blizzard of suspicious claims by the candidates. And, as in the USA, the peculiarities of the British governmental system ensured the winner wasn’t the party that obtained the most votes.

While Mr. Johnson’s Conservatives won a 79-seat majority in Parliament, they along with another pro-Brexit parties attracted just 46 percentage of their vote. The Labour Party, along with other parties which oppose Brexit or wish to rethink Britain’s death, won 52 percent. Britain’s first-past-the-post system — meaning in every constituency, the candidate that receives the most votes wins, no matter if that is a majority — enabled the Conservatives to win a disproportionate share of chairs.

It has prompted discussions about overhauling the electoral procedure which echoed the calls for reform following Mr. Trump conquered Mrs. Clinton at the Electoral College, even though dropping to her by 2.8 million votes. And just like in the USA, there appears little possibility of altering the system anytime soon.

Alexander Burns contributed reporting from New York, also Jonathan Martin from Washington.

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