Iran denies explosion west of Tehran amid news of unusual incidents – Middle East Monitor

The Iranian authorities denied the occurrence of an explosion west of Tehran, based on Iranian media, amid news of a series of recent unusual incidents.

It was reported that the explosion was heard west of the Iranian province of Tehran, and according to Iranian media, there was an electric outage in the city of Qods in Tehran Province.

Meanwhile, Governor of the Iranian city of Qods Leila Vaseghi denied that there have been an explosion in the town of Qods, confirming that the news is “nothing but rumours”.

According to Vaseghi, there clearly was a power outage at 10 pm that lasted only five minutes.

Hussein Haq Wardi, an MP for the Qods and Shahriar towns, noted: “No explosion occurred yesterday evening west of Tehran, and the power outage in the town of Qods was caused by a test conducted by the electricity company in the town.”

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The director-general of the Civil Defence Office at the Iranian Ministry of Energy also affirmed that: “The power outage that occurred last night in the town of Qods was due to an operational test conducted frequently and I have no information about an explosion.”

A series of strange incidents have occurred recently in Iran, including a bright flash because of an explosion near military installations in eastern Tehran. According to an official source, this flash was brought on by the technical explosion of a gas supply cylinder on 26 June.

Additionally, a week ago, Iranian scientists and nuclear authorities reported a fire incident at the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. The nature of the incident was not announced for security reasons, but media reported that it might have been a deliberate Israeli act of sabotage.