Iraq officially asks US to initiate troop withdrawal  – Middle East Monitor

On Friday, the Iraqi federal government asked Washington to develop the system for the withdrawal of its pressures from Iraq.

The federal government of Adil Abdul-Mahdi contacted the US management to send out delegates to Baghdad, to implemented a prepare for the secure withdrawal of US pressures.

The Iraqi demand was made throughout a telephone call in between the head of the Iraqi caretaker federal government, Abdul-Mahdi, and also US assistant of state, Mike Pompeo.

A declaration by the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Ministry showed that both sides reviewed the current growths and also the desire of the numerous events to protect against acceleration and also go to open battle.

Abdul-Mahdi mentioned: “Iraq has rejected and still rejects all operations that violate its sovereignty, including the recent (Iranian) operation which targeted Ain Al-Assad and Erbil, and that the Iraqi authorities are making unremitting efforts and communicating with all parties to prevent transforming the country into a battlefield.”

The Iraqi parliament elected, last Sunday, on a resolution getting in touch with the federal government to finish the international army visibility in the nation. The federal government later on introduced that it was preparing lawful and also step-by-step actions to execute the choice.

This choice was taken adhering to the fatalities of the Iranian Quds Force leader, Qasem Soleimani, and also the leader of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, in a US air assault near Baghdad International Airport a week earlier. The legislative resolution came under stress put in by Iraqi militants and also famous political individualities.

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Over 5,000 US soldiers are released in army bases throughout Iraq, as component of the global union to battle Daesh.

Abdul-Mahdi insisted, throughout the telephone call with Pompeo, that: “Iraq is keen to keep the best relations with its neighbours and friends in the international community, and to protect the representatives and foreign interests, as well as all those who are inside Iraq.”

He explained that: “Iraq’s priorities are limited to combating terrorism, Daesh and violence, as well as implementing reconstruction projects, on the one hand; in addition to achieving economic growth, protecting the country’s sovereignty, independence and national unity, and establishing security and stability for Iraq and the region, on the other.”

Abdul Mahdi notified Pompeo that there are US pressures getting in Iraq and also US drones flying in the Iraqi skies without the consent of the federal government, comprising an offense of the contracts effective. The US assistant of state assured to act on the issue and also attested his nation’s regard for the sovereignty of Iraq.

The 2 events worried, according to the declaration: “The importance of sustaining the development of relations between the two countries.”

On Wednesday, Iran introduced a rocket strike on 2 army bases organizing US soldiers in western and also north Iraq, in an act of revenge for Soleimani’s murder.

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