Is Blake Shelton A “Hypocrite”? The Voice Fans Are Divided!

Is Blake Shelton A “Hypocrite”? The Voice Fans Are Divided!

One of the few constants of The Voice has been the man himself, Blake Shelton. A permanent name among the coaches, he has been a part of the show since its inception.

Blake Shelton is known for his bromance with Adam Levine and fans love to see this country-singer with Gwen Stefani. He met Stefani on the show and they fell in love! And fans just can’t get enough of Shelton and his cheeky humor. He is the coach on the show with the highest number of winners: 6! Surely says something about his coaching right? But even the greatest among us slip at times.

Well, a recent performance by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins has left fans divided in their opinions about Shelton. While most still remain loyal to his country-singer and seasoned coach, a few are quite displeased. Shelton took to the stage for a duet performance with Adkins and they chose to perform “Hell Right”.

All the while the performance lasted, this country-duo shared spoken-word narratives about enjoying and partying. The chorus had one line: “If you gonna raise hell then you better damn raise hell right” and this is the cause of all the trouble. After repeating swears for the whole performance, Blake Shelton chose to end it with a “Merry Christmas, America”. And this has left many of his rather orthodox fans displeased.

One such displeased fan expressed how swearing is not cool or hip and another called Blake an outright “hypocrite” for having mentioned “Hell Right” and “Merry Christmas” in the same breath.

But most fans were happy with the performance and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Blake Shelton often claps back at his haters on social media but this time, he is yet to respond. This single “Hell Right” caused quite a ruckus when it first released as well. But it still ended up being on top of the Billboard Hott 100. Would Blake Shelton really care for a few people’s opinions and not spread his music? We don’t think so!


Featured Image: People