Is Joe Biden Mentally Fit Enough To Be President?

The DC parlor game previously generally speaking restricted to Republicans is now growing in popularity with Democrats. Meaning: Is Joe Biden mentally aware enough to be U.S. president?

Sean Hannity of Fox News asked these types of questions on his show on Monday: “Does Joe Biden have the mental alertness, does he have the stamina, does he have the strength to take on what is the hardest job in the world? And what is going to happen when he finally has to leave his basement bunker for good?”

But the Fox News host in not by yourself in his curiosity.

Hannity wonders, “Will the mob and the media ask Biden the same questions they asked [Ronald] Reagan about age and mental acuity? Don’t hold your breath. Did Biden pass criminal justice reform? No. Did that he pass police reform? No. After Baltimore, after Ferguson, what did they do? Nothing. Who changed it? President Trump changed it. Did Barack and Joe create opportunity zones in struggling neighborhoods?”

“No, that would be President Trump. President Trump has been doing office significantly less than four years and through that time, pre-coronavirus, [there was] record-low unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans youth unemployment and African-American youth unemployment. That is great for our collective American family.”

Hannity finished with, “The president took important steps to restore order in American cities, including those tough measures against vandals — those who have been attempting to tear down any and every statue across the country. By the way, where does Joe stand on these issues?”

Though Hannity diverged from the purpose somewhat, the question remains: Can Biden hack the mental challenge of the presidency? It has been hard on others, specially (but maybe not only) Democrats. If Biden goes in with a handicap, how will he fare?

In approximately the final century the mental and physical pressure has compromised several chief executives. But none so much whilst Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was this kind of invalid the final two years of his 2nd term, 1918-20, that his wife and chief aide ran the nation.

Twenty-five years later Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was very incapacitated at the start of his fourth term in 1945. Many say his handicap caused his weak behavior at the Yalta Conference and let Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin walk throughout him, causing the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe for yet another forty-five years. Roosevelt was dead two months after Yalta.

In less than four years in office in 1980, Jimmy Carter appeared to age two decades, and it should be admitted that at the end of his 2nd term Ronald Reagan in the late 80s had not been the man that he was many years earlier.

All of the men went into the White House sharp and strong. Like them or maybe not, going in that they had the chops to execute the mission. What can happen to the country if a mentally incapacitated new president is inaugurated next January? And where would that put the new vice-president?

As such, it will likely be interesting to see who that veep nominee will soon be. If the decision is by chance Michelle Obama, then you definitely will know very well what the Democrat plan was all along.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 1, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is employed by permission.

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