Is Raheem Mostert a must-start in Week 15?

Raheem Mostert along with the San Francisco 49ers possess a favorable matchup this week vs. the Atlanta Falcons, however does this imply Mostert is a must-start in Week 15?

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a huge road win over the New Orleans Saints in Week 15. They’ve taken back control of the NFC West and possess a fantastic chance for some 12th win of the year on Sunday when they face the lowly Atlanta Falcons. 1 secret to their success this year has been operating Raheem Mostert, however is a must-start in Week 15 in fantasy football?

The Fantasy Footballers are a bit torn on whether it’s a fantastic concept to plug-and-play Mostert without considering it because a must-start vs. Atlanta. Nothis has nothing to do with the Falcons as a soccer team, but to do with the bevy of springs 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan must use on his roster.

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Jason Moore feels extremely powerful about beginning Mostert regardless of what. He considers Mostert is your best back to the 49ers roster. Together with his ability to pull runs off of 10 or more lawns, Moore believes starting this week is a no-brainer, since he anticipates Mostert will have over 12 conveys in this match.

As for Andy Holloway and Mike Wright, they are not as certain as Moore is at proclaiming Mostert as a must-start for Week 15 vs. the Falcons. Yes, both Holloway and Wright realize that Mostert is your best running back to the 49ers roster, but it does not mean that they are not concerned about Matt Brieda or perhaps Tevin Coleman taking carries from Mostert inside this ball game.

bear in mind that Shanahan’s former staff is currently the Falcons, so he will want to invent a powerful and elaborate gameplan to thwart his former head coach Dan Quinn. Employing numerous springs in varying manners are going to be a fantastic way to confuse what isn’t a good Falcons defense.

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Although Coleman’s bits have vanished, such as Shanahan, he also is a former Falcon. So perhaps Shanahan finds a way to provide Coleman a few added bits in rather than a fighting match for both. In a nutshell, if you are going to begin a 49er running this week, then it must be Mostert, however this might not be the game he is going to conquer it for you at the fantasy football game.

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