Israel bans Palestinians from working their land, citing British Mandate ruling – Middle East Monitor

Israeli line of work authorities outlawed Palestinian farmers from working their very own land last month, on the basis that the location “had been declared an antiquities site during the British Mandate period”.

According to the record by Haaretz, the Palestinian landowners concerned– citizens of Al-Mughayyir town in the inhabited West Bank– have actually been farming the location given that the 1950 s.

Brothers Nader and also Rasem Abu Aleiyeh stated that Israeli line of work pressures “confiscated their tractor indefinitely and without any warning, and that as a result they have lost their source of income”.

The Israeli armed force has actually currently proclaimed that “all agricultural work in the area is banned, based on an order forbidding digging, planting trees and irrigating”.

“Everyone knows we work the land and they never told us anything,” Nader stated. “Soldiers in the past would come and drink tea with us while we were working the land.”

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The family members thinks authorities have “issued the order under pressure from residents of the adjacent illegal settlement outpost, Malachei Hashalom”, established in 2015 on a deserted army base.

Since the facility of this station, “Palestinian residents of the area have complained of harassment by settlers, including making noise to drive away the shepherds’ flocks, blocking tractors and stealing an archaeological pillar from the site”.

Israeli line of work authorities “responded to an inquiry from the family in a letter to its attorney, Kamer Masharqi, that the brothers are suspected of harming antiquities and that the tractor was confiscated as evidence by the police, and that therefore it could not release the tractor.”

Masharqi informed Haaretz: “It’s another method of driving the Palestinians from their lands. Working the land does not harm antiquities, and the state also never made such an allegation. The archaeological claim was only invented after the establishment of the outpost”.

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