Israel to sink 10 wells in West Bank – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation forces yesterday introduced the destruction of ten wells in the city of Az-Zawiya, west of Salfit in the north of the West Bank.

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) quoted native sources as saying that occupation forces handed over demolition notices to house owners of the water wells in the western area of the city.

The sources identified that the wells belong to Maher Qadous, Munir Shamlawi, Rebhi Abu Nabaa, Adnan Ali Hamdan, Nizam Hammouda, Harun Muqadi, Jamal Mosleh, Raji Shakur and Shehadeh Dahbour.

Israel continues to steal water from the occupied West Bank by curbing Palestinian entry to it, whereas growing the management unlawful Jewish solely settlements have over water assets in the world.

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In November 1967, Israeli authorities issued Military Order 158, which said that Palestinians couldn’t assemble any new water set up with out first acquiring a allow from the Israeli military. These are practically unimaginable to get hold of, Amnesty experiences. “Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation continue to suffer the devastating consequences of this order until today. They are unable to drill new water wells, install pumps or deepen existing wells, in addition to being denied access to the Jordan River and fresh water springs,” the rights group explains.

Adding: “While restricting Palestinian access to water, Israel has effectively developed its own water infrastructure and water network in the West Bank for the use of its own citizens in Israel and in the settlements – that are illegal under international law.”

Settlements stealing Palestinian water – Cartoon [Sarwar Ahmed/MiddleEastMonitor]

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