Israeli army tests new rocket propulsion system – Middle East Monitor

Israeli Defense Forces’ve analyzed a brand new rocket propulsion system, Israeli press reported, noting that the evaluation was conducted by an airbase at Israel.

The Israeli Defense Forces didn’t trouble more detail, according to Israeli press. All that’s emerged on the subject was that the evaluation was planned beforehand and performed as anticipated.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli TV station, Channel 13, saying that Ben-Gurion International Airport had diverted air traffic throughout the evaluation to permit for the machine to be fired safely.

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Advisors suspected it can be the surface-to-surface Jericho system, an intercontinental ballistic missile that according to overseas reports can encourage a nuclear payload.

Based on Israeli Ynet News, Israeli specialist Ron Ben-Yishai, confirmed that this missile would be to fortify Israel’s deterrence against Iranian evolution of its Shehab 3 — a ballistic missile that’s capable of carrying atomic warheads.

Commenting on this, Iran’s foreign ministry, Javad Zarif, published on Twitter:”Israel now examined a nuke-missile, geared toward Iran.”

Zarif added:”E3 & US never whine about the sole nuclear arsenal in West Asia–armed with missiles really made to be effective at transporting nukes–but contains fits of apoplexy within our standard & defensive ones”

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