Israeli occupation authorities reduce the fishing area in southern Gaza Strip – Middle East Monitor

The Israeli occupation government on yesterday determined to decrease fishing regions from the southern Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for the project military said in a statement that there’s a choice to decrease the region of ​​fishing in the Gaza Strip to be ten nautical miles from Thursday morning until further notice.

The creator of the fishermen’s committees, Zakaria Bakr, advised Quds Press news agency the Palestinian Ministry advised the committees of Civil Affairs the occupation government had made a decision to decrease the fishing place.

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Bakr clarified the conclusion included the region from the fishermen’s port in Gaza City into the southern Gaza Strip,”and it had been decreased to ten nautical miles after it had been 15 nautical miles”

“The Israeli occupation has retained the fishing place from the northern Gaza Strip since it now is; 6 nautical miles,” the Allied planner included.

The warplanes of the Israeli occupation forces started, in sunrise, Thursday, an airstrike on a Palestinian immunity site north of Gaza City. The area and the homes surrounding it were seriously damaged, along with a Palestinian was lightly injured.

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