Israel’s annexation plans threaten Palestinian national project – Middle East Monitor

The head of Hamas’ Office in the Diaspora, Maher Salah, the other day advised that Israel’s plans to link greater than 30 percent of the inhabited WestBank make up an actual “threat” to the Palestinian national project.

In a telecasted speech, Salah stated the Israeli annexation strategy would certainly open up “new doors of conflict, increase friction and destroy all projects to settle the conflict and peaceful solutions that the world has invested in for decades.”

“We as Palestinians, inside and outside Palestine, will not allow this occupation to turn the West Bank into scattered cantons. The West Bank is ours, we are its people and protectors, and Jerusalem is our eternal capital and we will protect it with our blood,” he included.

The elderly Hamas authorities stated the Oslo Accord is dead and also the Palestinians need to begin preparing for a brand-new national program.

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