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Israel marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by devoting three paediatric wheelchairs into the UN Human Rights Council. The goal, in accordance with Israel’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, was”to create the UN truly reachable, so that individuals with physical disabilities could actively participate and affect world problems discussed in Geneva.”

The occasional visits by kids to the UN aren’t powerful in the grand scheme of their organisation’s exploitation of individual rights. Israel, however, has been permitted to affect the UN in terms of its donations, which by default requirement intentionally looking the other way since it continues to block accessibility for Palestinians from Palestine, particularly for Palestinians with disabilities. This latest installment in Israel’s manipulation of the global arena and its own schedule begs the question why do UN associations permit the occurrence of Israel’s façade to thrive, at the cost of the settler colonial nation’s ongoing offenses against Palestinians?

Additionally, Israel’s apparently altruistic rationale hides a darker truth emphasized by the UNHRC itself — Israel’s deliberate maiming of Palestinian civilians. In 2018, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) noted that Israel killed Palestinians with disabilities that had been engaging in the excellent Yield March protests. Israeli snipers also targeted at the limbs of Palestinians demonstrating in the Gaza border, therefore adding to the statistical cost of permanent disabilities.

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Meanwhile, the most recent statistics reveal that 92,710 Palestinians with disabilities, 52 percent of who are residing in the Gaza Strip, face increasing hardships in Palestine. The colonial occupation of Palestine and its limitations upon Palestinians reflect more strongly in regards to persons with handicap. This season, PCHR’s press release expounds upon these effects, noting that the connection between regular Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and the way this affects the rights of Palestinians with disabilities, specifically in regards to freedom of motion.

The media release says,”Israeli targeting of PWD isn’t restricted to attacks on their bodily integrity, IOF also limits their freedom of motion and denies them traveling to seek medical care overseas, increasing the amount of sufferers with permanent disabilities that might happen to be treated were it not for Israeli limitations.”

Israel’s endeavours overseas, notably in diplomatic initiatives, continue to supply a veneer because of its offenses against the rights of Palestinians. The more it boosts its illusory notion of liberty to the global community, the further Palestinians have been marginalised and made to confront the rising oppression in isolation. Supplying three wheelchairs to create UN assumptions more accessible constitutes a propaganda campaign along the very same lines as encouraging its own experience to markets of demand, particularly in African countries, by way of instance, concerning agriculture and technology.

Israeli media have framed the wheelchairs contribution as Israel’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Aims which stipulate that nobody ought to be left behind. Nevertheless in Palestine, an whole population was made to remain behind with no chance of attaining a semblance of sustainability. What Israel has attained is a mockery of sustainability as well as the worldwide community has played together with the charade.

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