Joe Scarborough Says Everyone Except Trump ‘Saw This Coming In Early January,’ But ‘Morning Joe’ Didn’t Mention It Until The 24th

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claimed that everyone but President Donald Trump had actually seen the coronavirus pandemic coming with the start of the year.

‘Everybody saw this coming, everybody saw this coming in early January’– Even Though Joe Scarborough Didn’ t?

“Everybody saw this coming, everybody saw this coming in early January,” Scarborough declared on his program “Morning Joe.”

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But there’s a huge trouble with his declaration– also Scarborough had not been speaking about coronavirus in early January.

Trump 2020 Communications Director Matt Wolking tweeted, “Brazen exist from@JoeNBC @Morning_Joe did not mention the coronavirus until Jan 24, when a visitor claimed ‘we don’ t requirement to be excessively worried yet in the UNITED STATE’ as well as ‘Americans [should] take this as a get up require seasonal influenza.’ Joe himself really did not mention coronavirus until Feb 7.”

Coronavirus Wasn’ t Even Mentioned on ‘Morning Joe’ Until January 24

Coronavirus was not pointed out on “Morning Joe” until January 24, when cohost Mika Brzezinski reviewed a report regarding China as well as the 26 th fatality happening in Wuhan.

There were simply a couple of mins of COVID-19 insurance coverage that day, with a lot of coverage as well as political discussions concentrating nearly completely on President Trump’s impeachment test.

Just 10 days prior to this early record, the Chinese federal government in addition to the World Health Organization was still claiming that the coronavirus was not transmissible from one person to another.

Obviously we have actually given that discovered this isn’t real. We have actually additionally all discovered with each other, whether Scarborough intends to confess or otherwise, claiming this was popular back in January.

Left-Leaning Journalist Glenn Greenwald Calls Joe Out

The Intercept reporter Glenn Greenwald took Joe to job, tweeting, “Look what a pathological phony @JoeNBC is. Today he claimed regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic in the United States: “Everybody saw this being available in early January.” Number of @JoeNBC tweets in January by subject: Impeachment– 29 Election– 11 Sports– 7 Coronavirus– 0 ″

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Greenwald is ideal.

But Joe Scarborough’s objective below isn’t to level, but to harm thePresident In that initiative, any type of lie will certainly do.

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