Kansas City Chiefs and Cam Newton are a perfect match

If Cam Newton in some way does not get a beginning task in 2020, Kansas City must be his next stop.

Let’s simply get this out of the method from the dive: Cam Newton is a beginning quarterback.

He ought to not be relegated to a backup function, nor ought to he be focused on lower than the Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr’s of the world. An almost-healthy Cam Newton is much better than half the quarterbacks in the league, and Cam at full-strength can lead a group to a Super Bowl.

It does not appear the NFL feels the exact same method, which is deeply frustrating.

Newton has actually put out feelers this offseason however wants to remain up until training school or longer to see what the landscape appears like. It’s a clever relocation, as we’re less than 4 years eliminated from the Minnesota Vikings trading a first-round choice for Sam Bradford following Teddy Bridgewater’s dreadful leg injury.

Banking on a scenario where a group remains in abrupt requirement of a starter is dangerous, particularly in an offseason made complex by a worldwide pandemic. The actual forces of nature working versus Cam recommend that he will not discover the beginning task he looks for in 2020, however there’s a next-best choice that might hugely change his market price in 2021.

Cam Newton ought to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021.

If Newton can’t land a beginning task, he ought to discover a method to enter the Kansas City quarterback space.

The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes, so there’s definitely no possibility beyond something dreadful taking place that Newton would come close to beginning. That would not be to point of finalizing with Kansas City, nevertheless.

If Newton is resigned to remaining the year to get healthy and reassess his alternatives in 2021, why not invest that time sitting with Mahomes and Andy Ried and soaking up whatever that offense needs to use? We have actually seen Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy both landed head training tasks due to the fact that of what they found out in Kansas City and the hope that they might port that over to the franchises employing them.

Why can’t that use to a quarterback?

In a copycat consumed league, having the recommendation of both Reid and Mahomes resembles winning the lottery game two times. For Newton, it ‘d resemble winning it 3 times over due to the fact that he’s currently a leading skill in the NFL. Newton including what Mahomes and Reid need to use to his currently Hall of Fame level skills in what total up to a one-season detour is nearly unreasonable.

There’s a crucial distinction in comparing this strategy to what Jameis Winston is carrying out in NewOrleans Newton does not require to improve, he requires to get healthy. The Chiefs medical personnel is less than a year got rid of from both decreasing the damage of Mahomes dislocating his knee and getting him healthy adequate to return without worry of reinjuring it.

Newton getting first-class medical help for a year is the main factor for going to Kansas City, with the included advantage of likewise ending up being an even much better top-tier quarterback simply by remaining in the space.

For the Chiefs, the advantage is simply as embarrassingly rewarding. Imagine having Mahomes, who is currently a league and Super Bowl MVP, choosing the brain of Newton on a weekly basis. How competitive are those practices and how does that equate not just to Mahomes’ output on the field however to the general energy of a currently dynamic Chiefs locker space?

And God prohibited something like last season occurs versus to Mahomes however he isn’t able to totally recover? Kansas City would be switching Cam Newton into Andy Reid’s offense. It’s tones of Nick Foles and the Eagles, however with a man who went to a Super Bowl as a starter not a backup.

There’s definitely no disadvantage to Newton signing up with theChiefs That does not imply it’ll occur, however in a year where football is currently going to be odd anyhow, why not go complete tilt and totally break things?

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